Sunday, 15 February 2015

Refreshingly early

Amid the drama of the past week, I clean forgot to celebrate Championship Survival Day. Mind you, last year it slipped my mind altogether, so I’m getting better.

You could argue that the concept isn’t relevant any more – that we’re now one of the big hitters in this division, among the favourites to go up at the start of each season. We can take it for granted that we’re not going to be relegated, can’t we?

Well, yes and no. Football is a funny old game, as they say, and circumstances can change with remarkable speed. Look at Portsmouth and Coventry City, to name but two clubs whose fans probably thought they were guaranteed Championship football or better for the forseeable future.

Yes, we may well be promoted to the Premier League this year. But until that happens, I see no harm in celebrating the fact that we are at least guaranteed a crack at it next season if it doesn’t happen this time. And the fact that we can celebrate in early February is definitely a good sign.